Pruning, Planting, Stump Grinding

The pruning of mature trees is required to remove dead and dying branches from the tree to help maintain a trees health and safety. This process includes “thinning” the tree by removing branches which helps to reduce a trees crown density which leads to reduced effects of storm damage and reduces the trees wind resistance. Also, the crown or individual branches can be trimmed to help maintain the shape of the tree and stop it interfering with external objects or structures. This is a process known as “raising” which increases the amount of sunlight the grass and ground around the tree receives.

The pruning of young trees is sometimes not taken into account when being planted. By pruning these trees, it ensures a strong future framework by focussing on a dominant stem, which will lead to strong attachments growing from a single stem instead of weaker attachments growing from multiple stems.

We offer a wide range of ecology services for both commercial and residential customers. Trees are a vital part of our eco-system and they are able to bring character to our environment. They can also be dangerous if not cared after correctly.