Tree Preservation

Trees Preservation Orders (TPO’s) were setup to help protect the trees around your local communities and woodlands.

They are given by the Local Planning Authority (LPA) and are used in respect of trees and woodlands. Their principal aims are to prohibit the following:

  • Cutting Down
  • Uprooting
  • Topping
  • Lopping
  • Wilful Damage
  • Wilful Destruction

The cutting of roots is not directly mentioned in the TPO but this could be potentially damaging for the tree and therefore permission from the LPA is required.

There should be no work carried out on any tree without first being in contact with the council in regards to there being a TPO taken out.

Ashmore Trees has many years’ experience in local planning applications for both commercial and residential use. We are therefore, able to assist you in creating your TPO applications.